Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2 more sleeps!

Hello Mum!!

So, here is the first post for the Snow Leopards and Cossacks Expedition 2011 and I swear I never want to organise one of these again. If any of you haven't heard what we're up to, 8 trips of a life time back to back just about sums it up.

We fly to Kathmandu on Friday - April Fool’s Day - I hope this doesn't set the tone of the trip. From there we are planning to return overland through Central Asia (all the Stans), the Caucasus and then to Turkey and Europe, and home by Christmas. The general idea is to explore and mountaineer.

In order to do this we have sold, rented and ebayed everything we own. I am currently sitting surrounded by boxes. The other half of the ‘we’ I have been referring to, however, has conveniently disappeared and is currently 'delayed', leaving me to pack up and clean the entire house. After much thought I have come up with a suitable punishment, which reflects the rage I am currently feeling, a punishment so eye watering and nausea inducing, I know he will be abruptly brought back to reality; I have asked him to pay our travel insurance premium.