Tuesday, 5 April 2011


As we discovered last night, clubs in Kathmandu don't simply turn on the lights when they are closing, they send in the Army. It was, however, very effective, everyone went home. This was probably a good thing in hindsight, if my headache was anything to go by this morning.

We have been able to catch up with lots of friends over the last couple of days, hence the drinks last night. And have also managed to do some sightseeing. But most of our time has been taken up with organsing our trek and climb. We are planning to do the Manaslu Circuit and then climb Pisang Peak. As is the way in Nepal, nothing is impossible to organise and we have arranged porters and a guide as well as the 4 different permits we require. We have also sent a change of clothes on to Pokhara, where we will be heading after the trek, organised the food for the couple of days camping we will do when climbing Pisang Peak and bought a load of fake mountaineering gear to supplement the kit we brought from the UK. In total we will be trekking for 24 days or there abouts, so I won't be blogging for a while now. But here are some pictures:

James gives the rickshaw driver a break!

Vicki and James in Durbar Square

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