Sunday, 26 June 2011

Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan

Back in Bishkek we thought it would be good to get out into the hills and stretch our legs so we decided to join the Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan on a walk. We were not sure what to expect. To stereotype walking clubs in UK they are full of old men with red socks up to their knees. Not the Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan. It was mostly women, local ethnic Russians and we were practically the oldest people. Dress ranged from a pink velvet tracksuit to head to toe military gear. One woman had come straight from a night club.

The mountains are tantalisingly close in Bishkek, the range can be seen along the whole southern horizon. However we were heading to a less known canyon called Tuyuk and we set out for the 2 hour drive in a minibus. It felt a little like a Venture Scouts trip. Everyone was friendly and didn't seem to mind us coming along. The inevitable breakdown happened when the bus wouldn't start after a police check but we continued our journey after bump starting it.

The walk was pleasant, following the valley to a waterfall. One huge downpour sent a few less prepared people back to the bus soaked and shivering. The waterfall was pretty but no Niagara. Overall it was a fun day and I'd definitely go on another walk with them especially if I was alone in Bishkek.

James at Tuyuk

The waterfall

Boy crossing river

Trekking Union Team

Breakdown #12

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