Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The demise of The Beard

After 3 months of cultivating, James's beard had reached monstrous proportions and was the source of much comment on facebook whenever we posted photos or when border officials saw him cleanly shaven in his passport photo. It was all in an effort to try to fit in in Afghanistan, so he was initially greatly disappointed when he met the cleanly shaven Adab in Ishkashim. It turned out that Adab was a city boy and once in the sticks in the Wakhan, with the help of his shalwar kameez, he fitted in quite well. However, now, and much to my relief, it was time for it to go but not before a little fun.

 Off with the beard!

 Why aye Jeff man.

 The Mexican

 The Fitzroy

 The disturbingly similar to James's dad. It was accpetable in the 80s.

 He just needs a haircut now!

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